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Katherine Trickey, Hampden historical archives

Katherine W. Trickey

2/15/1910 – 9/19/1999

Founder of the HHS Archive


A long-time member and active volunteer of the Hampden Historical Society, Katherine Trickey founded the Archive.  She was head archivist c. 1988 and continued in that volunteer role until ill health in the mid 1990’s no longer allowed her to continue.  Her dedication and perseverance established an archive that would serve Hampden citizens, the surrounding communities and the region for generations.  The Society will be forever grateful for her contributions.

The current archives include many original and unique documents not available elsewhere and others that are rare. The unique documents include early store ledgers from the 1800s, Rev. John Miller’s record of marriages performed by him in the Hampden area, eight family bibles, one of Dr Wetherbee’s ledgers with information through 1934, some diaries of daily life in early Hampden, correspondence of Hannibal Hamlin’s granddaughter Myra Louise Hamlin, two books from Hannibal Hamlin’s Library signed by him, Hampden Town Orders 1829 – 1851, Town Warrants of 1929, old school records from small community schools within the town during the 1800s, a box of Funeral Home Records that cannot legally be opened until 2050, some wills and deeds, photographs and glass plates among other items. Original, rare, items include Hampden Academy Sedans 1853 through 2013, Observer newspapers 1949-1975 and a set of MOCA files, series 1, 2, and 3.


The archive also maintains a large, and continually growing, alphabetical collection Surname/Biographical loose-leaf files. These contain information transcribed from Hampden tax records; vital statistics dating from 1794; probate, census and war records. Materials also contain copies of deeds and wills, letters, newspaper clippings, pictures and miscellaneous information. This repository serves geneological researchers, public inquiries about family legacy, and educators."

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