Our History Lives Here!

Thank you to our donors

Hampden Historical Society is pleased and honored to publicly thank each of our campaign donors.  Our renovation would not have happened without you.


If you would like to join with others and help us reach the campaign finish line, you may donate through our website at www.hampdenhistoricalsociety.org or by calling 207-862-2027.



Geneva Allen


Bangor Daily News

Col. Ronald E. Bishop, US Army (Ret.)

Brookings-Smith Funeral Homes

J. M. Brown General Contractor

Chase Family Fund

Suzanne & Joseph Cyr

John T Cyr & Sons

Davis Family Foundation

Bion A. & Dorain A. Foster

Herbert L. Frost

Dr. Emily G. Gazitua

Forest & Susan Hart

Merton Henry

Nadine Hoyt

Huntley Oil

Patsy & James Husson

Katahdin Trust Company

Kiser & Kiser Co.

McPike Family

Maine Savings Federal Credit Union

Modern Decorators

Morton-Kelley Charitable Trust

The Quirk Boys in Honor of our mother Frances L. Quirk

Shakespeare Electric

Raymond Spaulding

Wellman Paving Inc

Elaine Matthews Wolf & Douglas Wolf


Anne Adams  

Paul M. Aldrich

Angler's Restaurant

Karen & Rick Bagley

Best Western Whitehouse Inn

Norma J. Bishop

Joyce & Roland Brown

Peggy & Peter Brown

Storie & Steve Brown

Camden National Bank

Carson Carlisle, Jr.

Central Security

Ellyn Chase

Evelyn Clisham

Judith Collier

Judith & Michael Dann

Mary Louis & Jim Davitt

William & Sharon Esty

Expert Flooring

Drs. Gary & Barbara Farren  

Barbara & Jeff Fister  

Mary & James Folsom

Andrea Katherine Mae Foster

Frost's Garage Inc

Cassie & Harold Gibbs

Gresser Family

Marilyn Miller Hall

Hampden Academy Alumni

Lois Gauthier Charitable Trust

Alice & Robert Hawes

C. W. Martin Concrete

Linda & Dewey Martin

​Mystic Lodge #65

New England Spray Foam

Pam & David Parsons

F A Peabody

PDQ Door

Douglas A. & Mary E. Poulin

Rawcliffe's Garage

Kenneth Rowell

Patricia White Stanford

Doug and April Stanhope

Rodney & Geraldine Stanhope


Virginia Tracy

Janice Von Brook

Donna & Peter White

Dee & Robert White


Kim & Tim Achorn

Mary Adams

Tammie & Ryan Albert

Lisa & Layne Alley

Jeanne & Ralph Arbo

Mary & Ed Armstrong

Rich Armstrong

Armstrong Tennis Center

Eugene Arsenault

Jean Arsenault

Susan & George Ash

Bangor Savings Bank

Bangor Truck & Trailer

Pauline & William Barron

Phyllis & James Bartlett

Peter Bartley Living Trust

Anne Bennett

Edwin & Margaret Berry

MaryAnne Bjorn

Melinda Stan Blake

Marilyn Boulier

Frances Bowen

Sandra Clark Boynton

Brewer Dental Specialists

Janice Bruno

Ann Calderwood

Tami & Wayne Campbell

Bethany E. Carlson

Marshall Cary

Donna Casavant

Hannah & William Castrucci

Janet Chase

Sonya & Ken Chase

Bobbi & Frank Coombs

Linda Costelloe

Christine Cubberly


Wendy & Robert Davis

Mr & Mrs Howard Day

Dead River Company

Natalie & Glendon Dean

Deighan Porter Charitable Family Trust

Liz Depoy & Stephen Gilson

Catherine Dupray

Dysart's Service

Priscilla & Dennis Ellingwood

F E Hoyt Truck & Auto Body

Elizabeth Fillettaz

Joanne & David Fish

Ron & Julie Francis

Dorothy & Robert Frank

Margaret Perry Frazier

Debbie Frend

Ivan & Ruthanne Frost

Dennis & Cathie Frost

Anna & Brad Frost

Jim & Karen Garrity

Bunny Gibson

Gilbert & Greif, PA

Helen Giles

Goodwin Glass & Graphics

Mr. & Mrs. Robert Gott

Dorothea & Lyle Grindle

H O Bouchard Inc

Sue Ann Hahn & Gregory Miller

William & Susan Hall

Hampden Electric

Hannaford Supermarket

Margaret Hanson

Ravena Hatch

Haverlock, Esty & Curran

Belen & Steven Hawes

Carolyn & Marion Hopkins

Susan & Richard Howitt

Hughes Bros Inc

Timothy Husson

Patricia Jeffrey

Cheryl Johnson

Michael Johnson

Geraldine & Richard Johnson

Nory Jones

Mary Kellogg & Wally Jakubas

Marilyn & William Kemm

Brenda & Galen Kingsbury

Donna & Gordon Kirkpatrick

Beth Kurowski

Carol Lamb

Lorraine Leonard

Paula L. Lepore

Pauline Levesque

Jan & Ray Levesque

Marilyn & Paul Levesque

Joanna & Anthony Liberatore

Beth Sockbeson & Jack Loftus

Jean London

Debora J. Lozito

Juliet Luro & George Patterson

Christine & Jason Lyons

Clyde MacDonald

Edgar Mace

Maine Trailer Inc

Wilma Marsh

Patricia & Stanley Matthews

Marti & James McCarthy

Beverly McCluskey

Susan McDonald

Carolyn Miller & Dale Nelson

Bruce T. Moore

Dana Murch

Nelson Electric

New England Cupboard

William Nickerson

Laura & Robert Osborne

Bonny Parent

Elizabeth Pearson

Pat's Pizza

Eleanor Pellerin

Courtney & Michael Penders

Carolyn & Jack Perry

Nancy Hart Pfrommer

Joseph T. Phillippon

Elaine Piecuch

Carolyn Slade & Dan Pooler

Nancy & Clifton Pottle

Richard Proulx

Ronald Rankin

Doug & Laurie Rich

MaryBeth & Tristan Richards

David Roberts

Julia Rothermel

Gordon Schreck

Mary & Ted Sherwood

Priscilla & Spencer Smith

Nadene & Thomas Smith

Lorna Snyder

Loretta Solak

Joan Speyer & Theodore Littlefield

Karl Stanhope

​Brian & Susan Starbird

Norman Stern

Noreen E. & Daniel H. Stover

Cora & John Swalec

Tardif Community Therapy & Wellness

Stacy & Mike Thibodeau

Donna & George Thomas

Deborah & Edward Thompson

Patricia Totman

Tradewinds Petroleum

Robert Trefethen

Kathy & Cal Walker

Katherine Waters

Joan Welch

Shirley Wentworth

Geraldine & Michael White

Ruth & Ernest White

Philip & Martha Whitehouse

Walter Whitney

Calista Wiberg-Hannigan

Margaret Wiken

Wild Cow Creamery

Eleanor Willey

Pamela Williams

Isabel Wilson

Henry Wiswell

Shelby Wright

Catherine Wright-Ramsay

The Hampden Historical Society is an all-volunteer organization.

Let us know of any errors and/or omissions in the above list.