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A few months ago, we were worried that we wouldn’t have much to offer for the annual yard sale this year.  The flooded basement destroyed over 750 books we had stored away and some sale items we wanted to put into the sale.


We put the word out that we needed help, and the response from the community was unbelievable. We were swamped with items and books.  We are indebted to the community members who took the time and made the effort to donate items and books this year. 


On the day of the sale, we were overwhelmed by patrons. Hampden Historical Society had its biggest annual yard sale ever. We sold twice as many books as last year, more plants this year, and more items than last year. The grand total was over $5,000—well over $1000 more than previous sales. This will surely help keep the lights on and the house heated this year.    


Thank you to the volunteers who made this all happen:

Karen Bagley, Rick Bagley, Pam Briggs, Steve Brown, Storie Brown, Ellyn Chase, Wendy Davis, Betty Filliettaz, Barb Fister, Jeff Fister, Vivian Gresser, Drake Groves, Bob Hawes, Jim Husson, Patsy Husson, Eric Jarvi, Jane Jarvi, Jean London, Nancy McAvoy, Will Nickerson, Ethan Scobey Joan Speyer, Jerry Stanhope, Rod Stanhope, Randy Whinery and Martha Whitehouse.

                                                                         - Jim Husson

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